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Samuel has worked 10 years in Europe & 10 years in Asia. He has treated over 50 000 people and babies.

He used to be the osteopath of the French Elite Army at Paris (Percy hospital) and follows many Pro athletes (Personal training, Body optimisation, Biomechanical analysis, TPI golf expertise).

He is also well known for his baby treatments and his Natural Fast Weight Loss program.

Expert in osteopathy, cranio-sacral, fasciae, holistic yoga and asian ancestral therapies, he is the founder of this innovative method, the OsteoAsia Therapy which he teaches (online course soon).

His techniques are all very gentle yet very effective.



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Back pain

Tennis &

Golf elbow

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My husband and I used to frequent Samuel service for our osteopathic treatments many years ago. Now we’re back with our 2 daughters and still absolutely love it! Samuel is great and absolutely amazing! We’ve even recommended Samuel to family and friends.

 Ariel Gravre 


Our Mission


Samuel dedicated his life to help people in any condition all over the world. 

His gift is his hands. And he uses it not only to release physical tensions but to balance the Body and the Mind. 

 To get it he combined in OsteoAsia therapy the latest researches in western science and the mysterious energy of the ancestral asian medicine. 

Long years of practice and meeting, training with different healer, therapist, doctors help Samuel to develop his talent and his spiritual connection.

Our mission is to restore your optimal health and wellness

To live in harmony with ourself, the others and the Nature is one of the Samuel’s principles. 

That’s the reason he supports actively different charity organisations like JungleAid.org, TrashHero.org, SeaShepherd.org, GreenPeace.org, 4ocean.com, etc.

He tries to help not only people but animals as well and offers free treatment for dogs and cats.


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