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OsteoAsia Baby

Childbirth can be regarded as the first trauma for a baby, and it can affect the good mobility of the skull’s bone joints and cause immediate and future functional disorders.

These dysfunctions recover from the osteopathy, thus you can help your baby to feel good.


Release all birth tensions

to start a good life

And if your baby has the following signs, please consult:

  • cries all the time, shouts and is irritable

  • does not sleep a lot or has disturbed sleep

  • often regurgitates, has gas

  • has a flat skull at the back or on the side

  • always turns his head to the same side or sleeps on the same side

  • arches his back when someone takes him or when he is breastfeeding

  • always wants to be in the standing position or stands on tiptoes

After a traumatic birth when:

  • the birth was too long (over 8 hours) or too fast (less than 2 hours)

  • you've had an emergency caesarean section

  • the baby was born in a difficult position

  • the head was pulled, using forceps, spatulas, vacuum

  • the umbilical cord was wrapped around the neck

  • the baby is premature (the skull is more fragile)

  • the stomach of the mother was pressed to facilitate the expulsion

Every baby is unique so call us if you have any question.

At each consultation, we propose various methods to carry your baby, breastfeeding him/her, advice to aid digestion, to evacuate gases and to relax him/her.

OsteoAsia Pregnancy

For You new Mummy, It is very common during pregnancy to feel functional disorders such as backache, rib and joint pain, digestive problems (nausea, vomiting, indigestion).

Osteopathy can treat these dysfunctions and help your body to adapt itself to take complete advantage of your pregnancy.

Make You & your futur Baby happy

At each consultation, we propose various methods to relieve your backache, help you to sleep well, relax your stomach and relax yourself.

Indeed, even if you are functioning in a normal physiological state during the pregnancy, it requires big capacities of adaptation in both functional and emotional ways.

Monitoring using osteopathy bring moms well-being and balance.

It offers an effective way to prevent and relieve many troubles and will further increase the comfort of your Baby.

Enjoy your pregnancy serenely

When to consult an osteopath for your baby?

It's good to have a check up to release tensions (after the birth), when the baby sits properly (between 4 to 8 months) and when he walks properly (between 10 to 18 months) to prevent any scoliosis or other.

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