Special Programs

  • Detox & Fast Weight Loss

  • Body Balance

  • Burn Out

Fast Weight Loss 3 weeks

  • No sport exercises :)

  • Very effective and fast

  • No Yo-Yo effect

  • Based on the most recent scientific research

  • Endermo Chinese cupping, Asian Ancestral Therapy or Japanese tripod

  • Oxygenated Magnesium cleansing

  • Osteoasia biohacking, specific yoga therapy exercises if needed

  • Diet support online

People lost 2 to 8kg / 3 weeks

Let's try it !

Detox program 7 or 14 days


  • Oxygenated Magnesium cleansing Detox

  • 2 OsteoAsia treatments Detox, Balance & Stress release and Chinese cupping

  • Specific Organic Detox Diet 

  • Body posture analysis and expertise

  • Customised exercise program and tips to continue to feel good at home

It's the first part of the Fast Weight Loss 

Body Balance


  • Body posture analysis and expertise

  • OsteoAsia hacking, Chinese cupping for Detox, Balance & Stress release

  • Cranio Sacral OsteoAsia

  • Visceral OsteoAsia hacking

  • Holistic Yoga Therapy 

  • Diet recommendation

  • Customised exercise program and tips to continue to feel good at home

Burn Out

  • wake up tired

  • have bad sleep, nightmares or recurrent worries

  • feel weak, extremely tired

  • cry for no reason

  • don't want to socialise, everything is an effort

  • don't laugh any more

  • difficult to concentrate or think, you are slow

  • don't see any solution for your state

  • no energy for any sport or other

  • need sugar, alcohol or have nausea

  • feel cold

  • no desire, no power, no sexual interest

  • you don't recognise yourself...

If you have many of these symptoms please consult:

Samuel set up this program because many close friends were affected.

First thing to know:

everyone recovers if you do the right thing.

It can take time but you will recover.

Samuel tested his program on himself and

lost 7 KG in 21 DAYS

without any sport


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Each story, each case is unique so feel free to write an email to us to explain yours,

what did you do, what do you want and what you are ready to do.

Samuel treats many people with Burn Out with success in a simple way.

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