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OsteoAsia hacking helps with quick pain relief, stiffness and other sports injuries, either in a curative or preventative way which allows a fast recovery to go back to training and competition.

Pro athletes, 1st league football or rugby, golf, tennis, ballerines, triathletes, boxers, pilots, french elite army (legionnaires, GIGN (French SWAT), commando)...

trust Samuel and he has followed many sport events during his career.

Each sport consultation starts by a complete screening of your body including mobility, strength and 


It's the best way to check and fix your weak points to perform and prevent injuries. It's sports science.

Samuel was a competitor and continues to practice a lot of sports

(kitesurf, golf, snowboard, squash, triathlon, tennis, paddle, muay thai...)

He will be able to understand your injuries and find the faster way for you to recover.

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Make Your Appointment 

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