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Osteopathy helps with quick pain relief, stiffness and other sports injuries, either in a curative or preventative way which allows a fast recovery to return to training and competition.

Pro athletes, 1st league football or rugby, golf, tennis, ballerines, triathletes, boxers, pilots, french elite army (legionnaires, GIGN (French SWAT), commando)...

trust Samuel and he has followed many sport events during his career.

Body twist

Each sport consultation starts by a complete screening of your body including mobility, strength and 


It's the best way to check and fix your weak points to perform and prevent injuries. It's sports science.

Samuel was a competitor and continues to practice a lot of sports

(kitesurf, golf, snowboard, squash, triathlon, tennis, muay thai).

He will be able to understand your injuries and find the faster way for you to recover.

Golf Osteopathy

25 of the Top 30

Players in the World

are advised by TPI Expert 

Samuel is Golf TPI Expert certified (Titleist Performance Institute)

and has followed many Pro & Amateurs

Please this link to discover his profile.

Progolfers try to visit us every 2 weeks to keep their body at the top and prevent injury.

And You ? 


Some players gain 50m after only one treatment ! 

Common injuries for Pro & Amateur

Body twist
Club head speed
90 mph
135 mph
Average amateur
Tiger Woods ("Golf magazine")
Source: The geometry of golf, Dr. Jeffry H. Blanchard
Wrist / hand 37%
Low back 24%
Shoulder 10%
Elbow 7%
Knee 7%
Wrist / hand 20%
Low back 35%
Shoulder 12%
Elbow 33%
Knee 9%

Limited shoulder motion

during all phases of swing

Lateral torso flexion to right during backsing

Lower extremity motion from foot to hip

Limited cervical rotation during backswing

Limited torso rotation or slow rotation during backswing.

Limited hip motion during all phases of the swing

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