Osteoasia Concept

We use only gentle, natural and effective techniques.

After 20 years of studies and experience around the world, Samuel was the founder of this innovative new method now well known named the Osteoasia concept.

It's more than traditional osteopathy. 

We add cranio-sacral osteopathy, posturology, asian ancestral therapy (cupping, micro puncture, tok sen, gua sha...) and holistic therapeutic yoga.

Emergency & Prevention

 Live pain-free

Back to health and happiness

3 Specific Programs 

  • Detox & Fast Weight Loss*

  •  Body Balance 

  • Burn out


* Our most popular & successful program

Please visit page  Special Programs  to know more

Body Posture Expertise

Body posture analysis & adjustment of :

  • Balance

  • Posture

  • Joints mobility

  • Flexibility

  • Strength

  • Coordination

& stress release

It's the best way to release all your nervous tensions & balance your body and mind.

You will be in meditation state.

You will experiment this new world with guidance. Enjoy it.

This technique is particularly effective with babies, children and sensitive or stressed people.

It's one important part of the Osteoasia concept and you will feel the benefits immediately at the end of your first treatment. 

Holistic Yoga Therapy

Samuel will advice you 2 tailored exercises at the end of your treatment.

These exercises are so powerful that the daily practice is only 1 minute each side.

This routine of 4 minutes will make a huge difference and help you for a quick recovery.

Usually we can treat most of your biomechanical & functional problems in less than 3 sessions.

Your treatments are covered by major international insurance companies.

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